Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Proposal

Margaret Tate is the executive editor in chief of a book publishing company. Her subordinates dislike her because she is pushy and grumpy. She is about to be deported to Canada because of an expired visa, she convinces her assistant, Andrew Paxton to marry her so she won't be sent to Canada. They are about to visit the immigration officer Mr.Gilbertson but Mr.Gilbertson suspects they are commiting fraud to avoid Margaret's deportation. Andrew insists Margaret that he wants to be an editor and publish his book after their marriage. They are about to travels to Sitka, Alaska where's Andrew's home town and meet his family. Andrew is an ''Alaskan Kennedy'' that was Margaret knew after she notices that every shop in town carries the name Paxton. Andrew and his father Joe are arguing each other, his father is angry about their relationship with his boss and thinks he is using her to get ahead in his career. Andrew and Margaret had announces their engagement to everyone. During their time at Alaska, they had begin share many of their personal information  and Margaret had realize that Andrew and his father are arguing each other because he wanted to become an editor and make his own life, which his father wasn't like Andrew career and disappointed to him. Mr.Gilbertson turns to Alaska and had know that Andrew and Margaret had lie about their relationship. Margaret had to leave from Alaska and back to Canada. At the time they were at Alaska, they had really fall in love to each others and they were engaged again, but for real this time. ( From the movie story, we should not defraud on marriage because it is a big risk for us and we must take the action given what ever situation that we have. )

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Rommate

The rommate follows the story of Sara Matthews, who is starting her freshman year at the fictional University of Los Angeles. She's come all the way from Lowa to study fashion design and meets some friends in school named Tracy Morgan which is the same building in where they live. And quickly meets her new roommate Rebecca Evans that seems normal enough at first and the two become fast friends, but not all is as it may appear with Rebecca. Rebecca soon becomes extremely over-protective of Sara. She has to know where she is at all the time, memorizing her class schedule, expecting her to call and check in, and getting terrifyingly jealous of Sara's new boy boyfriend Steven. In the time when Rebecca was mad because Tracy had make Sara in bad influence to bring Sara go for a night club. Then, Rebecca attacks Tracy in the shower and threatens to kill her unless Tracy stay away from Sara. When Sara left her phone in their room, Jason called her but Rebecca was the one that answered his call and told Jason not to call her again. When Sara told Rebecca about the lecturer that kissed her on purpose, Rebecca decided to teach him a lesson by seducing him and recorded their conversation to make it look like he was assaulting her. In the end, Sara decided to not be friends with Rebecca when she found out that Rebecca was on medication. Eventually Sara received a text from Irene saying that she needs her but it was actually Rebecca. When she gets there, she finds Irene held hostage by Rebecca with a pistol. They began to fight and Steven arrived while the were arguing. Sara eventually stab Rebecca in the back, killing her. Sara then moves back into her room, proclaiming she does not want a roommate for a while. ( From the movie story, I had learn that we should never trust people easily and we must tolerate or respect others. )

Monday, July 18, 2011

Red Riding Hood

Valerie is a young woman living in the village of Daggerhorn with her parents. She is in love with the woodcutter named Peter, but her parents do not like Peter and wants Valerie marry with the wealthy blacksmith Henry. Valerie and Peter plans to run away from their town, but they did not go because Valeria's older sister Lucie died because of werewolf. The villagers venture out into the woods to hunt the wolf. They had killed the wolf, but that is not the wolf that killed Valerie sister, after hunting Henry' father is dead attacked by the wolf. The towns people decide to celebrate the death of the wolf, Father Solomon is a witch hunter he reveals that the townspeople did not kill the real Wolf. The festivities has interrupted by the real wolf, and the wolf have killed so many peoples in the town. Valerie mother was been scratch by the wolf in her face. The wolf is talking to Valerie and only her can hear the wolf. Everyone was thought that Valerie has something to attract the wolf. Valerie thought it was Peter are the werewolf but it is not. Valerie went to her grandmother house but her grandmother was died by the wolf. The wolf shows up and it was Valerie father's and wanted Lucie died with her mother because want to revenge that Lucie is not his real daughter and wants Valerie to come with him to be the wolf. But Valerie refused, Peter try to kill her father. Finally, the wolf is death, and Peter was bitten by the wolf. Peter had to leave from the town because it unsafe to the village, and try to control himself. ( From the movie story, we should not be revenge to anyone and be patient with any problems. )


This story is about a team underwater cave divers on a threacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and  least accesible cave system on Earth. 17 years old Josh, expedition bank roller Carl and his girlfriend, Victoria who has no experience wants to travel to the Esa'ala Cave, an underwater cave exploration site in Papua New Guinea. Frank was Josh father is a master diver, has explored the South Pacific's Esa'ala Caves for a month. While exploring a section of the cave known as Devil's Restriction, Frank and diver judes meet with an accident which results in Judes death's, fueling arguments and speculation among the group. When Josh, Carl and Victoria has got there, Unaware that a fierce storm has developed topside, it is discovered that communications with the surface have broken down. The storm causes a portion of the cave system collapse, trapping the remaining divers below. With the water level quickly rising, the group must now attempt to find an exit route through the unexplored depths of the cave, in the hopes of finding a path that leads to the sea. There are six of them are stuck inside the Cave and no where to out. Luko is Josh and Frank old friend man have died fall from slippery rocks. George from one of their group has gone to avoid from her chest has injured. Victoria also died from stuck of her hair with the rope, Carl is sad and alleged that Frank fault of the causes of their friends died. Carl is a selfish person, he hit Frank until fall down to the sharp rock and Frank died. Carl run and search for his own way. Josh is alone he want to find out way, on his way he found Carl floating in the water and died because he has no oxygen to breathe. In finding a way out, Josh almost give up and when he saw the bright from out of the Cave. He swim until he find out way, and he survived. Josh only one that survived from the Cave. ( From the movie story, we should not take the risk to go from the dangerous cave if no experience, and we should not arguing each other from the risk we are a about to take and should not be a selfish person. )

Monte Carlo

This movie is about 18-years old Grace Ann Bennett has graduated in high school wants a graduation trip to Paris with her older best friend Emma Perkins. Grace wanted that she and Emma only going to Paris but Grace's stepdad told and wants her stepsister Meg also joining the trip to France. Grace and Emma don't like it, Meg who does not want to go with the girls and refuses. She states that all her life she wanted to be friends with Emma, and now she's stuck on going on a soon to be disastrous trip. As they arrive at the City, they were hold by the tour for their trip and they have very cheap hotel's. They only have a small amount time and rushing to visit so many places and they get left behind by their tour guide. The trip proves to be horrible, as the day was raining they took a rest in a posh hotel. At the toilet hotel when the girls dry up and Grace goes into the stall, Cordelia, a spoiled British heiress comes in, complaining on her phone about a charity event she must attend. Meg and Emma was shocking because Grace exactly alike Cordelia, but Grace does not believe until they return to the lobby and the officer hotel mistakes her as Cordelia. Grace refuse to avoid and they spend the night in Cordelia's suite while Cordelia is not there. The next day, Cordelia supposed to go Monte Carlo but the girl replace it to them and they were going to Monte Carlo. Theo the son of the philanthropist hosting Cordelia was escort them to the ball and where Cordelia encounters a problem as she meets Cordelia's suspicious Aunt Alicia. As the girl have fun, Cordelia come back to Monte Carlo to attend the charity auction. Everything begins to crumble with Cordelia's unexpected return. Everything has change Meg, Emma and Grace. As their trip is over they back to their hometown. Theo went to Texas, unexpected had meet Grace and they fall each other, Meg has find her life back and date with Riley as they meet at Monte Carlo, and Meg had happy life with her boyfriend Owen. ( From the movie story, I had learn more about not to taking or to replace people staff and must follow the rule in everything what we do. )

Larry Crowne

This movie is about the middle aged Navy veteran Larry Crowne, was working at a big-box store with hard work to sustain his life. Unfortunately, he is fired from his job at big-box store although he is  hard working staff in the big-box store. The company has decided that his lack of a college education impedes any chance of advancement. Larry is live alone, cannot find a job and he almost loses his house. A neighbor Lamar advises him to enroll in the local community college and get an education in order to get better opportunities in the future. Larry decided to go college and buy a scooter to save more money for his life. At the college, Larry makes friends quickly with his younger classmates Talia that in relationship with Dell Gordo the group of riding scooter students. Larry has an experienced cook before  as a Navy cook, his friend offer him a job in the kitchen and Larry accept it. Larry start to have a part time job at a dinner kitchen to earn some money. In his public speaking class, Larry develop an unexpected crush on his teacher Tainot, who has lost as much passion for teaching as she has for her husband. His teacher Tainot was wrong and thought that Larry and Talia was in relationship. At the time Larry and Talia group was riding a scooter they saw Mrs.Tainot was waiting for bus at the bus stop and Larry wants to ride Mrs.Tainot to sent her go home as she was drunk. The morning Larry class with Mrs.Tainot, she wants to say sorry and want Larry to forget what was happened last night. At the last of his final presentation of Mrs.Tainot class, larry had a good presentation and Mrs.Tainot was proud with Larry. Mrs.Tainot is going to have lunch at where Larry was working and saw Larry and tells Larry that he got A+ on his public speaking subject. Mrs.Tainot and Larry has fall to each other, at the last the were together and Mrs.Tainot had divorced with her husband. ( From the movie story, she should get an education in order to get better opportunities in the future. )